What kind of lamp is suitable for the bedroom

In general, the main function of the bedroom is to rest, and the lighting method is suitable for indirect or diffuse lighting. The choice of lamp shape and color should be based on creating a quiet and warm atmosphere. Living lamps, ceiling lamps, table lamps, floor lamps, bedside lamps, etc., should be able to be adjusted and mixed at will. The color of the ceiling should be light, and the effect of reflected light is good. If you use small low-wattage spotlights for lighting, the ceiling should be dark, which can create a romantic and soft sensibility.

The light in the bedroom should not be too bright, and the light should be moderate. Because people are often very sensitive to light when they wake up in the middle of the night, the bedside lamps should not choose exaggerated and peculiar lamps, and the colors should not be too strong and bright. In order to ensure the softness of the light of the bedside lamp, when choosing the style of the lamp, we must pay attention to whether the material of the lampshade can soften the light. The lampshade can be made of frosted glass, parchment, PVC material, silk cloth, etc. Its translucent texture can create a warm atmosphere with mottled light and shadow in the bedroom, making people feel peaceful and calm in the heart.

Local lighting must also be considered in the bedroom. Among them, the desk lighting, the illuminance value is above 300LX, and the writing desk lamp is generally used for lighting. For dressing lighting, the illuminance should be above 300LX, and the light source should be incandescent lamps or tri-color fluorescent lamps. In addition, from the perspective of safety, lamps installed in children’s bedrooms must have a certain height, so that children cannot directly touch the light source, and it is even more inappropriate to place movable lamps such as table lamps in children’s bedrooms.

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