7 Best Bedside Table Designs You Can’t Miss

Bedroom decoration, are you still designing old-fashioned and bulky traditional cabinets from the bedside? It’s 2021, and the bedside table has undergone tremendous changes. If you want a comfortable and warm bedroom, come and take a look at these bedside table designs with the editor, each of which is stunning.

Built-in bedside table

The embedded bedside table is integrated with the background wall. This bedside has a fashionable shape, saves worry and effort, and has a strong storage capacity, which is really easy to use. This kind of bedside table is usually empty in the middle, which has a certain storage effect. At night, you don’t have to worry about mobile phones, lamps, books, etc., there is no place to put it, and the storage capacity is strong.

Suspended bedside table

Still worrying about cleaning the bulky bedside table in the bedroom? Design a hanging bedside table with a stylish design and MAX storage, which is particularly stunning at first glance. The design of the hanging bedside table pays more attention to harmony and harmony as a whole, making it comfortable to use.

Shelving board bedside table

It is very similar to the suspended type. If you want a fresh and simple bedside table design, then you can directly use the shelf. A few pieces of board can create the bedroom space we want, simple but amazing.

Side table

If you want a fresh and simple bedside table design, you can use the shelf directly. A few small plates can create the bedroom space we want, simple but amazing.

Alcove bedside table

The alcove is not only used for kitchen and bathroom, but also one bedroom space. It is designed as a bedside table at the head of the bed. The storage capacity is up, and the shape is also classic and fashionable. The whole bedroom can be as advanced as you want. The biggest advantage of the alcove-type bedside table is that it occupies a small area, which fully solves the troubles of small units.

Bedside table with dresser/bedside table with desk

Dressing table or desk, directly used as bedside table is also very good, put mobile phone at night, make-up during the day, more powerful.

Regular bedside table

This is also the most common practice. If there is space, use 2 bedside tables, and use 1 if it is narrow (leave space for the wardrobe to open the door).

The above is the sharing brought by the editor. Do you have a bedside table shape that everyone likes and is suitable for your home? For more information, subscribe to bedsandbedrooms4kent.

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