The most popular dresser designs for you

Every girl dreams of having her own bedroom dresser.

Dressing table is also a must-have functional furniture. Although it does not occupy a small proportion in the bedroom, it is extremely important. The function and decoration are integrated, which is not only convenient for makeup, but also can store small accessories. What a wonderful feeling to have a dresser that you love

In TIFFANY blue and pure white master bedroom, make good use of space to create an elegant dresser

This master bedroom uses TIFFANY blue and pure white to create the neo-classical style that the hostess loves. The master bedroom just has a recessed space, which is convenient to use this space to create a dressing table, which is convenient for the hostess before going to bed and after waking up. Dressing and maintenance, but also take advantage of the trend to widen the width of the curtain, which can create a large window of vision, and also cleverly solve the problem of the mirror facing the head of the bed.

Your own dream dresser

The dressing room is combined with a dressing table, so that the hostess who loves fashion and make-up can change their clothes to their heart’s content in the exclusive small world. There are bulb wall lamps on both sides of the dresser. When the lights are turned on, it is as professional as a star’s dressing room.

Dream Dresser

Based on the concept of macarons, the colorful pink and dreamy colors make people love it. The dressing table built in the pink dressing room is also based on the concept of the Hollywood star dressing table that has become popular in recent years, and the hanging rod is designed under the hanging cabinet, so that the female owner can hang the matching clothes for reference. It can also be more holistic.

Wardrobe hidden mechanism, hidden dressing table

The hostess loves to travel and has many trinkets and accessories. The husband and wife pay great attention to storage. The entire wardrobe in the bedroom also has hidden organs. One of the cabinets is opened to be the hostess’ dressing table, bag cabinet and storage cabinet. Such a cool multi-functional hidden dressing table makes people exclaimed and praised!

A beautiful storage vanity mirror with both strength and beauty

In the neoclassical style mansion, in the space of the master bedroom, the designer also combines modern elements. The overall space is outlined by white line boards. The dressing table is a general cabinet when not in use, but when it is opened, there are storage cabinets on both sides. There is a mirror in the middle to achieve the effect of beautiful storage.

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