Practical tips for choosing a double bed

The bed is one of our important furniture items. The purchase of a double bed has become an important matter for many newlyweds. Are you still in a dilemma about how to choose a double bed? Let me tell you how to choose the right double bed.


Everyone’s preferences are different, and the choice of bed material will naturally be different. Some people like solid wood, some people like fabric. When choosing, the first thing we have to do is to choose the material of the double bed according to our own preferences and economic conditions. Of course, the material of the bed is generally proportional to the price. The better the material, the higher the price. When choosing a solid wood double bed, pay attention to the hardness of the wood. The higher the hardness, the more durable the bed and the higher the price. At the same time, don’t forget to look at the workmanship of the bed. The quality of the workmanship is directly related to the service life of the bed. When choosing a double bed made of fabric material, you should personally touch its quality, smell the smell, and look at the skeleton of the bed to ensure the quality of the bed. Now there is also a wrought iron double bed on the market, which is generally divided into two categories: electroplating bed and lacquer bed. The paint bed should ensure that the paint on it does not peel off, does not wrinkle, the surface is smooth, and there are no signs of bumps or scratches.


When buying a double bed, one factor that must be considered is the size, that is, the size of the double bed. There are many sizes of double beds on the market today. For example, 150 × 200cm, there are 180 × 200 for larger ones, and 200 × 220 for larger ones. When purchasing, you should decide the size according to your height.


The color of the bed is too dark, which will cause visual fatigue for a long time, and the color that is too bright will also affect people’s mental health to a certain extent. Therefore, when we buy a double bed, it is best to choose a lighter color, such as water pink, light purple, etc. In addition, it is best not to have a storage cabinet under the bed. The storage cabinet will accumulate a lot of bacteria for a long time, which will affect our health.

Bed base

When buying a double bed, the most important thing is to look at the bed base. The first condition of a good bed is that the bed base is good, so how do we identify the bed base? The first thing to pay attention to is the quality of the bed board. We’d better open the mattress to see for yourself, if it is a wooden bed, the bed is thin rather than multi-layer, then such a bed base is not very good. Generally speaking, beds made of multi-layer orthopedic plates and wire springs are relatively high-quality bed bases.


For a comfortable double bed, the choice of mattress is also important. Since the double bed bears more weight than the single bed, we should consider the firmness of the mattress when purchasing a double bed. It can’t give our body a good support, and it can’t better eliminate our physical fatigue.

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