Using Two Wall Lights in a Hallway Or Living Room

2 wall lights

Using two wall lights in a hallway or living room can create a nice ambiance and a functional focal point. A good way to go about choosing these lights is to pick out a color scheme and design that will go with the rest of the decor. One way to do this is to select a light that matches the color of the wall or ceiling, or if you have a neutral colored floor, then go for a light that contrasts well with the color. A good rule of thumb is to select lights with a high-quality finish and bulbs that are at least rated for a minimum wattage. If you are lucky enough to have a secluded room, then the best option is to select a light that does not interfere with the natural flow of air.

There are many things to choose from when trying to decide on the right wall lights for your home. One of the best options is to take a look at the double insulated lights available on the market today. These are rated for a minimum wattage and are safe to install in homes that do not have an earth cable. The lights are available in a variety of styles and colors. The best part is, you can save some dough by purchasing them from a reputable online retailer. This will ensure that you get the best deals and will have the piece of mind that you are purchasing a quality item.

The aforementioned two wall lights are the star of the show, but there are many other lighting options to choose from. For instance, one of the most interesting options is a two light sconce that can be used with compatible candelabra-base bulbs up to 60W. This model is available in a matte black finish and features a sleek, straight arm. The sconce also features a glass globe and square backplate, and is a great way to free up space on your nightstand.

The double insulated lights are a definite standout amongst their peers, and should be on your short list if you are looking for the best in modern lighting. This sconce is available from Lighting and Lights, and they have a wide variety of double insulated wall lights to choose from. This particular light also has a high CRI and can be a great choice for a high traffic area in your home.