Spray Painting Your IKEA Maskros Chandelier

ikea maskros chandelier

If you’d like to give your IKEA Maskros chandelier a new look, you can spray paint it to a color of your choice. This DIY project comes from Apartment Therapy. Here’s a tutorial. It only takes a few hours and is totally worth the effort! It’s a good way to change the entire look of your room!

IKEA Jara lampshade

If you’re looking for a cheap way to add some personality to your home, try spray painting your IKEA Maskros chandelier. The maskros chandelier comes in a bright white color, but you can easily change its color by using a spray paint. Apartment Therapy has a good tutorial to help you get started.

The most popular shapes for pendant lamps are bell, elliptical, and drum. These shapes are usually best paired with geometric bases. The rustic bell shape is a popular choice, and is made of sea grass. Another attractive choice is the airy metal shade, which is woven and has a decorative light bulb. The inner side is chromed to direct the light downward.

Another great idea is to make a replacement lamp shade for an IKEA lamp. If you can’t find a replacement shade, you can try a woven basket. This will give your lamp a natural look, while also adding some industrial style.

Roll of flat reeds

The IKEA Maskros chandelier comes in bright white, but you can give it a different color. Try spray painting the chandelier to change the color. Apartment Therapy offers a great tutorial to help you do it. It’s very easy and will change the entire look of your room.

Jute twine

The IKEA Maskros chandelier is a unique shape that only comes in a bright white color. If you’re looking to add some color to the chandelier, you can spray paint it a different color. Apartment Therapy has a tutorial that will show you how to spray paint the lamp.

The light fixture looks great in this red and blue bunk room. It’s complemented by white built-in bunk beds, a blue diamond tassel rug, and white sconces above the turquoise convex mirror. In this girl’s room, a white lacquered bed with colorful bedding and world map wallpaper is adorned by an Ikea PS Maskros pendant lamp.

IKEA Photo hanging pendant light

For under $100, you can create an art deco style hanging pendant light chandelier with an IKEA Photo hanging pendant light. This pendant light can be purchased in two different sizes and comes with a paper shade. The design features exposed cords and a variety of lights at different heights.

Another option is to make your own hanging pendant light chandelier using reeds and flat reeds. IKEA sells flat reeds, which are commonly used for basketmaking. You can also use these natural materials to weave pendant lights. The instructions can be found on Style Me Pretty.

IKEA has several options for hanging pendant lights. The PS 2014 pendant light, inspired by ’60s space movies, is a particularly eye-catching option. It can instantly turn a bland bedroom into a chic one. It also makes a room feel more complete. Similarly, the Felsisk lamp is a modern chandelier with classic details.