Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Light Fixtures

modern farmhouse kitchen light fixtures

Galvanized ceiling light

Galvanized metal is a big trend for farmhouse homes, and these fixtures are perfect for the kitchen. Galvanized metal lights can evoke milk jugs, and they also look great against the rustic wood of a kitchen island. The rustic style of these lighting fixtures is further accentuated by the bell-shaped shade and exposed filament, which give the fixture an antique look.

These lights can be used to light up your kitchen or dining area. One option is the Troy pendant, which has industrial and vintage influences. Nelson Builders’ kitchen features two wide pendant lamps that add a farmhouse feel to the room.

Farmhouse island light

When designing a modern farmhouse kitchen, it’s important to choose the right light fixtures. Pendant lights work best for this style because they provide just enough light over the island while avoiding being too bulky. They also go great with whites and grays and have many aesthetic design elements. Plus, they provide enough illumination when cooking. They are also fitted with five E26 sockets and can be used with different types of bulbs. For best results, use Edison bulbs with a maximum wattage of 60W.

A spherical-shaped pendant light with a wood frame, metal bands, or multiple beaded rings is a great choice for a farmhouse-style kitchen. Another style you can choose is a Mason jar pendant light, which has a rustic wood fixture and features a single light bulb in a cage.

Copper birdcage pendant light

If you’re looking to spruce up your kitchen with a rustic look, consider investing in a copper birdcage pendant light. This rustic fixture has open sides and a sloping top. You can use it over your kitchen island or over your dining table. This pendant light is made of copper and features warm golden bulbs inside. It comes in a variety of styles and colors, including a shabby chic finish.

Copper is a popular choice for lighting, and pendant lights can be placed over the dining table or eat-in kitchen to give your kitchen a warm glow. They can also be used in the bedroom as task lighting and will brighten up the room. A pendant light is also a traditional gift for the seventh anniversary.

Vintage windmill pendant light

A vintage windmill pendant light in a modern farmhouse kitchen is an excellent decoration. With its smooth shape and rustic veneer of wood, this light exudes a classic country charm. You can also pair it with a pendant light in a complementary color to make the overall look more cohesive.

Incorporating galvanized metal into your home is a popular trend for farmhouse interiors, and this type of lighting fits right in. It looks great over your kitchen island or over the dining table, and its design echoes the look of reclaimed wood. The exposed filament adds a nostalgic touch, too.

Another great DIY lighting idea is a Mason jar light. By using the Mason jars as housings for light bulbs, you can achieve an evocative and unique light fixture. You can arrange them in clusters or patterns, and they can be spaced out evenly to create a more visually pleasing effect.